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    Horwitz Wallet by Basil Horwitz

    Horwitz Wallet by Basil Horwitz
    3300 руб. Купить Horwitz Wallet by Basil Horwitz

    Уникальный бумажник. Card-In-Wallet. Все действие разворачивается в кармане зрителя !!!

    Вот что пишут про него звезды:

    "I received my new Horwitz Wallet today and although I haven't read all the routines I can already see the potential. It amazes me to think there are still wallets out there that are this cool and different to the tons of wallets I already own - It's wonderful quality too. Thanks so much for having these remade. They are worth every penny - I look forward to finding the time to really work on this and hope to get a routine together for my Christmas holiday season - Thanks also for the super fast service."
    -Andy Martin, Texas, USA

    "Hi Martin: two words - absolutely bloody awsome! - okay, thats three! Heres a few more: Thanks so much for the Horwitz Wallet, I'm gonna have some fun with one of those routines..."
    -Roger Kelly, UK

    "I have killed 12 people so far with the Horwitz Wallet and I am not in jail. I am going to kill even more!!!!"
    -Alan Mehta, UK

    "I bought the Horwitz books six months ago and discovered his fantastic magic. As a professional magician doing Mentalism, I love and use Mr. Horwitz's routines... just gold! So I'm really looking forward to discovering the wallet."
    -Patrick Walter, Switzerland

    "The Basil Horwitz Psychic Pickpocket effect is one of the most brilliant routines I can imagine."
    -Bill Taylor, California, USA

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